About us…

Firstly welcome to KML Events. You may be asking yourself “Why KML?” Well we want to let you in on our little secret, starting a luxury Events Management Company has been a dream of ours, for a long time now, between us our passions lie in; traveling, luxury hotels, music, interior design, architecture, food & people and when you combine all of that you may now get a glimpse into why we believe we were made for the Events industry. The name of our Events Management Company holds a strong meaning for us as each initial represents our names. “K” stands for Kenrick, the “M” for Medina and “L” stand for our daughter “Laylah” and so after days of endless hours of brainstorming and meetings we came to the conclusion that we want the brand to represent our passions to leave a legacy of; Luxury bespoke events which are remembered in the Events industry by their elegance, distinctive designs, unique iconic venue locations & lasting memories which we would be proud to pass on to our daughter Laylah when she’s older. Although it’s worth mentioning that Laylah has a strong passion for designing & creating mood boards dictating how each birthday or celebration should be done so you never know she may be designing your next Kids Event with us!

Why Us?

Not only do we have the necessary passion, but at KML “Your Vision is Our Priority”. From the initial steps of understanding & listening to your vision of your chosen event, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure KML has met if not exceeded your expectations. Because KML is so special to us you can rest assured that we hold each event close to our hearts. We want to ensure that your event is memorable for the right reasons; It gets you noticed, develops interest, it gives you an edge & has an elegant wow factor that ensures brand retention and its enjoyed by all those who attend whether its; your clients, your colleagues or your family & friends we want to create an event for you that is talked about afterwards creating an unforgettable experience for your guests. KML has a strong foundation of loyal clientele who contact us, as they know that they will receive the highest level of service quality possible. The experienced team at KML works closely with the client and treats each event differently to ensure every event is unique & a success in its own right. Attention to detail, the latest up-to-date technology, service quality and simple yet elegant design execution, is what sets KML apart from other Event Management companies.

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“I just wanted to say a big thank you to all those involved in helping me live my fairytale wedding, there was nothing that was too hard or too much to ask & I know I was a stress ball so thanks for putting up with me! I won’t hesitate in recommending your services to all my friends & family!” “Jessica”
“I have to say I was having anxiety over the fact that we cancelled last minute with the Events Management company we usually work with but you truly saved the day! All our clients could not sing your praises enough & the venue was perfect, so thank you.”  “Myriam”
hat a show! Kenrick you are an entertainment guru!” “Erin James”
“Everyone who attended commented on the lighting and how seamless the event sequence was. More importantly my boss was pleased too, which rarely happens! “Ian Ng”
“Working with you was such a pleasure, your positive nature Medina truly puts one at ease even at the most stressful of times”. “Rosemarie Eaton”
“Our clients privacy is always so important to them & your discretion & choice of venue location was brilliant. The feedback I received was great and I won’t hesitate to contact KML for upcoming events.”  “Mohammed Samhan”